Head Coach Mission Statement

Guy Richardson 2018

The Trojans were established as a team in 1983 when I first joined them as a 15 year old player. We had formed a few months prior to this when a number of STC (Standard Telephones And Communications, Paignton) NFL enthusiasts formed the STC Rebels as part of the company sports programme.

I have witnessed the growth of the British game and the structure of the various league systems over its entire existence, since the boom in interest in the game during the 1980s, through the wane of the mid-late 90’s to the game as it stands today.

What has become evident over that period is that the sustainability of the sport relies on the promotion of the game and the consistency of the football club as an entity. Many clubs in the BAFA League understand this model and have developed their clubs to establish this. Those clubs currently make up the Premier and First Division of the game. They possess consistent and organic growth from within their organisations and actively promote the sport within their region.

Core to the identity of our club has been the learning achieved as players have moved through their playing careers and the deployment of that learning to enhance our team’s development.

David Brokenshire #79

The Trojans are proud of their heritage and actively aim to promote the club’s family feeling as a key to success. The team had originally disbanded during the early noughties due to the economic climate and the temporary decline in interest for the sport in the UK.

In 2010 a tragic event occurred that became the catalyst for the team reforming.

A former teammate David had been suffering from acute depression and unfortunately had taken his own life. David was an offensive lineman for many seasons. He was consistent and dependable being liked by all of his peers and earning the nickname of “The Quiet One” as he never complained about the work that was needed to be done.

The news sent shock waves through former players and a sending off was organised for the Quiet One. Those former players rediscovered their passion and wanted to revive the old camaraderie so, from out of that tragedy, the present team began its return to national league football.

What we realised at that time was how much support and friendship the club actually offered to the young people who became part of its family. The recognition of this drives many of the decisions and structures within the organisation of the team today.
It is a key goal of the organisation for the club to function as one team. We recognise that in order to achieve this the coaching staff and culture must promote the development of players to become confident in their abilities and within the peer group that they play with.

“Support the person first to be the best player they can be, get that right and success will take care of itself”

The David Brokenshire Award is given annually to the Trojans’ Clubman of the year as voted by the coaching staff. Its purpose is to identify and reward individuals who strive to promote the family aspect of our team structure through their efforts and approach to the club.

The goal of the organisation is to establish and maintain a successful and sustainable club that is able to promote and grow American Football within the South West region of the UK. The Trojans also have an objective to provide an organisation that actively supports and assists with the mental health of its participants by providing an environment where interpersonal relationships can be formed and concreted for life between team mates. The shared experience of playing American Football over the seasons is able to provide a link between team mates for life.

There are a number of strategies that we as an organisation are actively deploying to promote and enhance the team membership experience. The ‘one team’ philosophy is key to linking all players with the club’s success. The resistance to identifying a starting set of players and the involvement of the entire team in the games is also key.

The integration of veteran players with rookie players at the rookie camp and the introduction of a kitted 7 a side tournament all promote interaction between new and old players each year.

Ultimately there is the team music ‘ABBA’ issue which, from its inception, was introduced to provide a platform for players to discuss irrelevant nonsense in order to decrease isolation and enhance conversation. This it has done by being the most talked about issue within the team every year.

Where possible we also try to introduce team themes for away games and of course each year we have a Super Bowl event and end of season awards night.

Trojans’ experiences will be with every player for the rest of their lives.