Become a Player

American Football is a sport that caters for players of all ages and size. We encourage all potential players to attend our rookie camps before we begin focusing on more physical sessions as the season approaches. You can find our rookie camp dates announced via our social media channels or through the news section of our website.

Our Teams

The Torbay Trojans have established both a full-contact senior league and a flag-focused youth team. Players under the age of 18 will join the youth team until they are eligible for full contact.

The Trojans are open to establishing an adult flag football team if there is enough interest

When and Where

Training begins with “rookie camp” each year, which is typically a six-week programme to teach the fundamentals of the sport to ensure players are given the best start possible to developing as a player.

Exact dates will be announced each season. Training is held at Foxhole Community Centre on Sundays between 10am and 1pm

What you need

The club encourages veteran players to purchase their own equipment, ensuring that we have a supply of playing equipment available for new players.

We understand that cost may be a large factor to trying the sport, so we ensure that the club allows kit out on loan free of charge.

Simply bring plenty of water, boots and a gumshield!

Additional Information

Player Subscription

As a club we rely on player subscription fees as well as sponsorships to fund the club. The club requires this funding for several reasons, including match-day fees such as referees and medical staff, as well as travel costs, practice facilities and general equipment maintenance.

League Registration

As well as a club membership fee, players must also register as a player with BAFA, ensuring that each player is insured to play and can be assigned to the Trojans’ roster. Registration fee is set by BAFA and is currently £50.00 for Adult Contact. This payment goes fully to BAFA and must be paid by all players across the sport.

Ready to join?